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WOW: How quickly we forget?


By Jamari Jordan

We all could easily drool over LeBron James’ mind boggling statistics during the Miami Heat’s 15 game win streak … And rightfully so. LeBron leads the Heat with an astounding 29.7 ppg 7.8 ast 7.5 reb and all with a jaw-dropping 64% from the field in the month of February. Just ask the Knicks and Lakers how dominate LeBron can be. Every expert proclaims that the NBA is firmly in King James hand for the next several years. LeBron has figured out his game, and no one can stop him. While this may be true, a certain 2-time NBA champion may have a rebuttal.

Overshadowed by all the mega LeBron hype, Dwayne Wade has had probably the third best month of Feburary (Outside of Kevin Durant who can pull up from thirty ft). Wade stats are marvelous as well: 23.9 ppg 6.2 reb 5.5 ast and 53% shooting. Even more impressive, Wade leads the Heat in the month of February with 2.5 steals and 1.3 blocks per game. Ever since James’ arrival in Miami in the summer of 2010, Wade has taken an apparent “backseat” to the King. NBA analysts such as Tim Legler, Jalen Rose, and Chris Mullen have said that this is LeBron’s team. As hard as it is to argue against the box score, I beg to differ.

Let me start off by saying, it’s no one’s team (Except we can all ready rule out Chris Bosh after what we witnessed All Star Weekend). But Wade has the same footing to stand on as LeBron, maybe even better footing. We all remember the spectacle he put on against the Mavericks in the 2006 Finals after falling behind 0-2. The greatest individual performance by a superstar in the Finals since his Airness in 1998. Then, he struggled for the next 4 years in Miami with little help, although LeBron dominated while in Cleveland with a lesser talented team. However, in the 2011 Finals, while LeBron mentally struggled in the Finals, DWade gave all he could to pull Miami toward the title. While at the same token, Wade mildly struggled in the Finals last year with the knee injury, while LeBron went to a completely different zone dominating the Thunder.

Wade is an All Star, and right now the best 2 guard in the league (Sorry Kobe, Harden, Curry, and Westbrook’s wildest dreams). Now that he is fully healed from a nagging knee injury, he even believes he is great again. Wade spawned the phrase WOW: The Way of Wade much to the chagrin to LeBron who called the name “corny.” On this rare occasion, I agree with LeBron. Whether doubters or even Wade himself wants to admit it, Flash is back and the league is on notice. LeBron can dominate a game for 46 minutes, but in the last two minutes, I’m giving the ball to Flash and watch him have his way. It’s destiny because that’s the Way of Wade.

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