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Who is the Most Clutch Athlete in Sports



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By Jamari Jordan

According to the dictionary, clutch (adj) is defined as “done or accomplished in a critical situation.” According to Urban Dictionary, clutch is defined as “putting the team on your back tho.” Unfortunately, Greg Jennings, the Beast that is Marshawn Lynch, nor Anquan “So Strong” Boldin are on my list. However, each athlete on my list deserves to be in his or her own right. (Yes, a female graced this list). There are some I wanted to place on here like CP3, Djokovic, Westbrook, Darelle Revis, and for sentimental reasons Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera. The 15 CURRENT athletes I have composed are, in my opinion, the most clutch in their respected fields. I took into account record-breaking performances and past performances, but I tried to make this about what they have done in the past 3 years.

15. Carmelo Anthony
Regardless of the slack Melo gets for being selfish, I still want him in the closing minutes and big games. In actuality, Melo has the highest FG % in the closing moments (3 min. under) in the NBA in the last two years.

14. Roger Federer
Arguably the greatest Tennis Player ever and still performing at a high level.

13. Paul Pierce
Who said Pierce is too old? Well, probably everybody. But, when times get rough for the Celtics especially without Rondo, my money is on The Truth.

12. Aaron Rodgers
League MVP, Super Bowl MVP, and the best QB in the NFL. Still, need more years in the Rodgers’ Era and he will be #1 one day. Soon.

11 Dwayne Wade
For those who know me, Dwayne Wade is my favorite NBA player. 2006 Finals MVP, 2-time NBA champion, and a class act. If not for injuries, he would definitely be higher.

10 Peyton Manning
The greatest regular season QB ever. My favorite athlete in any sport since 2003. The reason I’m interested in football. 4-ime NFL MVP, Super Bowl MVP, and we all saw the Colts in 2011 without Manning. 2-14.

9. Tiger Woods
Four Years Ago, Tiger Woods is #1 on my list no debate. The most dominant figure in the sports world. More dominant than Michael Jordan. I never watched Jordan, but i have seen the field try to chase Tiger. And Fail. Tiger has more than tripled the pot and ratings in Golf.

8. Lionel Messi
300+ goals is 300+ goals. Dominant. Simply Put.

7. Serena Williams
Serena Williams may deserve to be even higher on this list. She is dominance personified. Her serve, backhand, and beauty unmatched in the world of Tennis. Not to mention her and sister Venus’ run in doubles.

6. Tom Brady
I have said for years that Tom Brady is the most overrated player in NFL history. However, rings speak volumes.

5. Kobe “Bean” Bryant
It’s the Black Mamba. 81 pts in a game, 5 time champion, League MVP, 2-time Finals MVP. And he kept Vanessa from leaving him. Super Clutch.

4 Kevin Durant
Durant is the best efficient scorer in the NBA. It’s Durant’s time. Well, when #3 says so.

3. LeBron James
LeBron is the most clutch athlete in the NBA to dismay of his critics. Since when is 25 ppg, 7reb, 7ast night in and out not clutch.

2. Jimmie Johnson
My most controversial choice. Until last year, Jimmie Johnson won 5 straight Sprint Cup Chase Series. Only Jordan and Woods can claim more dominant stretches.

1. Tim Tebo…..
I couldn’t finish it without laughing.

1. Eli Manning
Lets see the resume: 2-time Super Bowl champion, 2-time Super Bowl MVP, and the record holder for most 4th quarter comebacks in a season(2011). Most Clutch.

Feel free to comment if you agree, disagree, or have someone I missed. Follow the blog.

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