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He’s Back…. I’m Serious this Time


The most dominate athlete in all of sports history is finally back in center stage. Tiger Woods is back. Where have I heard this before? Oh yeah, the other 300+ times analysts have said this after he proved well in a tournament. This time I am serious, Tiger is back.

What makes this time any different? This is the first year Tiger Woods has one multiple tournaments before the Masters since 2008 (Which was the last time he won a major). This past week at Doral, Tiger Woods rose above the field. Tiger won the tournament in a wire to wire finish. In a very competitive field, Woods outlasted Mickelson, Stricker, Garcia and McDowell all of which are past major winners. Tiger at -19 under survived down the stretch to beat out Steve Stricker (-17). Although Tiger owes Stricker a great bit of thanks as he help tinker his putting stroke before the tournament Wednesday. Tiger struggled down the stretch Sunday going +2 on the last three holes including a poor wedge choice that just avoided the water hazard on 18.

Tiger Woods will undoubtedly be the favorite heading into Augusta National, and why shouldn’t he be? Rory Mcilroy has taken a page from the 2009 Tiger playbook and had a mental breakdown. Golf is the most wide open sport in the world right now. No one player is dominating the sport, but we all know the one player who can. Tiger Woods is ready to return to his throne. He only cares about one thing, Major championships. Even the great Jack Nichalus came out this week and said he still believes Tiger can break his major record of 18 wins. No other golfer can challenge Tiger right now. The field is wide open, and this is the perfect time for Tiger to strike.

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