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Who Can Stop the Heat?


The Miami Heat have won 19th straight game with a win over the Atlanta Hawks yesterday. The Heat have been on a dominant run of late. LeBron, Wade, Bosh, and even the bench are all clicking right now. This is David Stern’s and every NBA fan’s outside of Miami worst nightmare, a Heat team realizing their full potential. Can they be stopped, let’s examine 5 potential opponents.

This is an interesting matchup to me. Last year, the Pacers gave them all they can handle last postseason. Roy Hibbert and Paul George can show bright spots occasionally showing that star like quality. However, offensively they don’t have an identity. No offense equals fast breaks for Wade and LeBron. In a series: 4-1 Heat

The Knicks beat the Heat badly in the first two games by at least 20. In the third matchup, Knicks held a 16-pt lead, but LeBron quickly erased that at MSG. This team is in complete disarray. They have lost the 2nd seed and on a West Coast Trip on which they could very well go 0-5. Going the opposite direction of the Heat right now. Melo is unguardable, but the rest of the team is very much so. In a series: 4-1 Heat

This is actually the best team in the East equip to beat the Heat, not because of the matchup, but because of familiarity. Doc Rivers is the best coach in the East and a master of game plans and motivation. KG, Pierce and an emerging Jeff Green, even without Rondo, can be a handful. If the Celtics had Rondo and actually Allen, I would pick the Celtics. However, they don’t. Close, hard fought series but 4-2 Heat

Kevin Durant is a bad man who can make any shot on the court. KD will get his in the series with the Heat with LeBron on him or not. My concerns in this series is Kevin Martin and Westbrook. Martin is no Harden, he can shoot, but is more of a catch and shoot and the offense can’t go through him like it could with Harden. Then there’s the Thunder’s X factor- Westbrook. You never know what you can get with Westbrook. He can jump out the gym, but he can also shoot you out of games. With Wade on him, I think he gets frustrated and self-destructs. In this series: 4-1 Heat. Sorry KD.

The team that won’t go away. A team that its most flashy play is a fast break layup. Coach Pop will draw up schemes to make this a half court game. The best way to beat the Heat is inside out and Tony Parker, Ginobli, and Duncan can do just that. The Spurs may be the hardest matchup. But if this becomes a up and down game, I got the Heat. In the series: 4-3 Heat.

The answer to the question: Who can stop the Heat? NOBODY. This is the NBA for the next two years until the Big 3’s contracts expire.

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