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2013 NFL Season Outlook: Classic in SuperBowl XLVIII?


2013 could very well hold the best NFL season to date. The NFL looks to be wide open… well in the NFC at least. There are 7 legitimate SuperBowl Contenders in the NFC. For the last 4 seasons, the NFC has been thoroughly more competitive than the AFC. Until the Ravens stopped the streak last year, the last three Super Bowl champions were from the NFC (Giants, Packers, and Saints). Since 2001, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Ben Roethlisberger have represented the AFC in the Super Bowl all but two years ( Joe Flacco and Rich Gannon). Meanwhile in the NFC, since 2001, only Kurt Warner and Eli Manning have more than one appearance in the big game, each with two respectively.

It’s hard to imagine any other team other than the Patriots and the Broncos representing the the AFC. No other team in the conference even comes close to those elite teams. However, in the NFC, could you imagine the Redskins in the Super Bowl three years ago? With RGIII, that fantasy isn’t that far-fetched. Here are my division by division predictions:

NFC North
Packers 12-4
Vikings 9-7
Lions 8-8
Bears 6-10

Aaron Rodgers is a bad man. The Vikings and Adrian Peterson will attempt to dethrone the Pack, but just like last season the Vikes and AD will fall short.

NFC South
Saints 11-5
Falcons 11-5
Panthers 8-8
Buccaneers 7-9

The Falcons have improved greatly. By keeping Tony Gonzalez and signing Stephen Jackson, they have made themselves Super Bowl contenders. But, I can’t bet against Drew Brees now that Sean Payton is back.

NFC East
Redskins 10-6
Giants 9-7
Eagles 8-8
Cowboys 8-8

The former best division in football has become focused solely around RGIII’s health. If his knees hold up, Redskins win the division in Week 17 just like last year. If not, maybe Tony Romo can lead his team to playoffs. Best joke I’ve ever told.

NFC West
49ers 13-3
Seahawks 11-5
Rams 9-7
Cardinals 6-10

Without a doubt, the best division in football. Arguably, the two best teams lie in this division. Even more importantly, the defensive side of the ball in this division is better than any other in the NFL.

NFC Championship Game: Packers v 49ers
Winner: 49ers. Aaron Rodgers in a duel with Kapernick. We all should be so lucky.

AFC North
Bengals 10-6
Steelers 9-7
Ravens 8-8
Browns 6-10

The defending champions at 3rd. Well, they did finish just 9-7 last year, and they have gotten worse very quickly. Steelers will be valiant, but I believe in AJ Green and that Bengals defense.

AFC South
Texans 11-5
Colts 10-6
Titans 6-10
Jaguars 4-12

Texans have all the talent in the NFL, but are the most up and down team in the league. Look at Matt Schaub as the barometer of this team. Andrew Luck will continue to grow as a top 10 QB in this game.

AFC East
Patriots 12-4
Dolphins 8-8
Bills 7-9
Jets 5-11


AFC West
Denver 12-4
Chargers 9-7
Raiders 6-10
Chiefs 6-10


AFC Championship Game: Patriots v. Broncos
Winner: Broncos. Another chapter between Manning and Brady in this rivalry.

Super Bowl: Broncos v 49ers
In what I expect to be a classic duel, the teacher in Manning has one more trick up his sleeve late than the pupil Kapernick can handle. Peyton returns the favor and wins in little brother’s building on the biggest stage.

Super Bowl MVP- Von Miller.

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