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Journal Mondays

31/3/2014, 9:56 PM

Journal Mondays

To take a page out of Mr. Bieber’s book (something I never thought I would say), I present Journal Mondays. It’s time for me to empty the bag, and share my thoughts on five biggest sport stories right now.

1. March Madness-

If your bracket is complete crap, please step this way. If your Final Four pick was Florida, UConn, Wisconsin, and Kentucky you must be an evil genius or a great guesser. After day two of the tournament, not one single bracket was perfect. If you were like me, Ohio State ruin yours with the opening game. Thanks Aaron Craft.

I feel as if we are destined for a Kentucky v Florida National Title Game. Florida’s group is battle tested appearing in three straight Elite Eight games, now finally breaking through to the Final Four. Then, it’s the college basketball’s version of the Mad-Hatter, Coach Calipari. He’s system has been scrutinized all year. Now, his five freshman have maxed out their potential. At the end of the day, like Kenny Smith, I believe at some point you will look like a freshman. It happens. Florida cuts down the nets next Monday.

2. Pacers v Heat

Two teams destined to win 66+ games starting the year, seem to be struggling of late. For the Pacers, I see a couple of key issues.

1. Team Chemistry. Trading away Granger may be a mistake. He was the team’s vocal leader whether he played or not. Then, new additions like Scola and Bynum mess up what the original core had established, family.

2. Paul George’s off the court “troubles.” I leave it at that.

3. They maxed out too early. It’s a long season. From the opening game in October, the Pacers have been all in for this season. A great mindset to have, but the Pacers didn’t “pace” themselves. (No pun intended)

The Heat are simply cruising through this season. LeBron has looked very human. He has been playing into late June ever since 2010. He needs to rest his body. I would rest him down the stretch. It doesn’t matter where Game 7 is played, this Heat team is battle tested. My only concern is Wade’s health. If he is 100%, I don’t see a team making it past a Game 6 versus Miami.


I find myself around this time of year, every year for the past 15 years saying the Spurs are the best team in basketball. They have a three game lead over OKC in the West. They have a (29-8) road record, five games higher than the next place team. They look as healthy as they’ve been all season. Best, and most Complete team in basketball.

4. UConn v Notre Dame

We could be headed for the game of the century. It doesn’t involve LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Jabari Parker, or Andrew Wiggins. It involves 24, well-coached women in college basketball. No one denies women’s basketball has taken a major dip in popularity. But, if UConn and Notre Dame meet in the National Championship Game both undefeated, it could be something to remember for ages to come.

5. The Masters

When I think of April, I think of a couple of things. One, I think about pollen and how big of a hater it is to my success. Two, I think of Spring and with that women wearing beautiful sundresses. Three, I think of the Masters. This year’s Masters is missing it’s usual flare. Golf has lost it’s usual flare. It’s Dark Knight is no longer relevant. He hasn’t been relevant since that tumultuous November night in 2009. Ever since, people don’t fear him. The Sunday Red no longer has opponent’s tee shots in the rough out of panic. No one has taken his throne either. Not Rory, Phil, Bubba, Adam, or Luke. No one is Tiger. Not even Tiger anymore.

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