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Have you ever had that dream you falling, but couldn’t stop?
You held on for dear life, yet you failed, you flopped
My life, the never ending fall. One you don’t want to meet
Can’t speak up for myself, can’t stand on my own two feet

They say he’s a Pariah, he’s the Outcast
They say we’ll chase him out, he’s not fast
They say we’ll break him down, he’s not strong
They say he’s never right, he’s always wrong

52 cards in a deck, yet I was the one left out
Different, didn’t fit in, because everyone shared the some doubt
No one I could share the joys of life with, those beautiful blisses
No kind words from anyone, just those hurtful disses

I thought I was chill and cool with everyone
Acquaintances with most, yet befriended by none
Independent and self-sufficient, but not by choice
I stand on my own, but can anybody hear my voice

Are my opinions truly heard
Too awkward to be popular, too dumb to be a nerd
Too honest to be nice, too much heart to be mean
No remarkable characteristics to be seen

There’s no helpful hand reaching out to me
There’s no guiding light for me to see
There’s no whisper in my ear that I hear
Just silence, that same silence that I fear

That damn silence, drives me insane
Alone, by myself, no crutch or cane
That Pariah, that Outcast
That weird kid that’s not supposed to last

I hurt too, I feel, that’s a fact
The tough guy exterior that nothing harms me is just an act
I wonder if the cards were re-shuffled, would I have a match
It doesn’t even matter because I was left out the batch

Then, that damn silence creeps back in
And I’m surrounded by nothing, no thoughts, friends or kin
Independent, and Self-sufficient, but not by choice
I stand on my own, but can anybody hear my voice?

Somebody once told me life is not supposed to be fair
While I wait for my voice to be heard, I’ll play a game of solitaire.

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