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My Journey

When I finally leave, what will be said?
Will there be good memories, or bad ones instead
Will people smile and laughter rain
Or will there be pain and insults of me being vain

Will my journey be worth the blood, sweat, and tears?
Or would it have been a waste for all these years
Will someone stand up and vouch for me
Or will they hurl insults while others agree

What will be my undying legacy?
Did I make a difference that everyone can see
Or did I cause chaos and turmoil
Upset those who mattered most and made their blood boil

Did I inspire others to be great?
Or did I just talk about it and they took the bait
Was my word truly bond
Or was I truly that great as a con

Will my true love remember our first kiss?
And will she remember our love being bliss
Or will she remember me as the deadly dart
The man that did her wrong, and broke her heart

Is there one person who will stand for me at my grave?
Attest my sins, but acknowledge the blessings I gave
That I was a good person, not a savage beast
Please, speak now, so that I may forever be at peace.

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