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I always question why one cheats
So immature and childish, the lies and deceits
I find myself in a prison, but don’t want to be free
I’m in love with a woman, who isn’t with me

Her heart belongs to another see
But her body and mind belongs to me
To be honest, I’ve always been your biggest fan
But, falling in love with her was never my plan

One day she came crying to my door
This look in her face not seen before
She sobbed and complained on my shoulder
I was wrong bc one thing led to another

Why do I fall for girls that won’t fall for me
So bad that I wanted to fall on one knee
A fall that I will take every time
Her love sweet as sugar, but sour as a lime

Sad part is I want to be used
Better than the alternative, being alone and confused
In love with a woman, who’ll never be in love with me
Karma is real, and now I see.

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