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Shine Bright

I don’t have regrets in life, it’s dumb
But if I had just one,
This something I refuse to say or do
It would be the way I treated you

You were the perfect woman
Me, the imperfect man
They say opposites attract
But, I never thought like that

You so gracious and humbled
Me so rude and conceited
Wasn’t looking for love, yet you found me
We were explosive, but so much was left in the debris

Sparks danced across the room when you walked in
Couldn’t keep my eyes off you, my hands off your skin
Mesmerized under a spell-binding trance
Hooked on your drug on every single chance

Love so passionate, it blazed it’s own trail
It felt so right, but I always knew it would fail
As each day passed, the flames that would destroy us grew
At the end of the day, I’m sorry I failed you

But I couldn’t be the man you needed
Deserved a knight in shining armor, not one who’s defeated
I could never make you my priority
I thought I owned you, that I had the authority

But now I learned love is admiration, not possession
That’s what I’m trying to say in this long-winded confession
You used to smile so beautifully and shine so bright
Then, you met me and I just constantly dimmed your light

The hurt I caused you was completely unintended
Im sad by the way things ended, not that they ended
I needed to let you go so you once again you could fly
I had to let you go, so you can shine like a diamond in the sky

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