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By Jamari Jordan

It comes in point in life when you forget everything you ever knew
Then you meet the one, and they help discover a new you
Thats how I define love
Games, BS, drama you are free of

You don’t find love, it finds you
And when it does it’ll be the best thing you’ll ever go through
Love and Lust are different, so know their effects
One is real and the other is a mirage fueled by sex

Because when it’s real, trust me, you’ll know
Once you got it, everything else in your life will begin to flow
You two will have a bond that will always be there
When you have it, fight for it because it’s so rare

It will have you rushing home from work to see them
It will have you buying all expensive clothes and gems
You’ll be so anxious to see them everyday your heart will race
Only the sound of their voice can steady its pace

Your heart is the best gift you can ever give
But if someone abuses it, it’s the hardest thing to forgive
Thats why you have to be careful who you give it to
Has to be a perfect fit, not something that just needs a little glue

Adhesives can only last for so long
Babies, money, and convenience just aren’t that strong
Doesn’t matter whatever happens whenever, or with whoever
Only real love and companionship can bond two people forever

Now, with these three words, I’ve given you all my strength
Our lives forever changed by eight letter’s power and length
I confess you’ve seen me at my lowest, and you’re still here
And I pray to God this is always where you’ll be and never disappear

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