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Celebrate (Survivor’s Remorse)

By Jamari Jordan

It’s a joyous occasion
A time to enjoy one’s present and future
But I can’t stop but to think of those who have neither
Those who couldn’t see their dreams

I’m reminded every year in the third week of July
Reminded that blessed doesn’t begin to describe my life
Reminded how merciful and graceful my Lord is
Reminded that their fate could’ve been mine

Why was it them and not me
Why is their family mourning while mine celebrates
Why was theirs cut short, but mine extends
I can’t be happy because I feel guilty

What separates me from other men
What is so special about a nappy-headed kid from Stone Mountain
What does he see in me that I’m blind to
What am I meant to really do

I hope it’s to teach, mentor, and inspire
I guess it’s to challenge the status quo and force change
I think I’m starting to understand his plan
While I’m still thinking, I know I’m living for Oscar, Kendrick, Mike, and Trayvon

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