By iJ

It’s amazing how someone can drive you crazy
But somehow keep you sane
How they get on your last nerve
But somehow you’ll never forget their name

I never had love, seen love, dreamed love
But somehow I woke up to you
Never wanted love, needed love, craved love
But all I can think about is you

Hesitant in the beginning
Then, somehow fell all in
I was late to the party
Just don’t tell me it’s at its end

You came in my life
And I can’t let you leave
Shouldn’t have made my mistakes
But don’t make one while you grieve

You want to hear sorry, I’ll sing it in a harmony
You say you hate me, but I’m far from an enemy
Just give me a chance and you’ll see
I can’t live without you, and I know you can’t live without me

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