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by iJ

I should tell you how I feel
But then everything would change
I would shoot my shot
But see I’m out of my range

Never been one to get nerves
I can spit game with the best of them
I reach my Golden State
And they out the gym

Just a window-shopper, you I can’t buy
You’re the forbidden fruit and what’s bad
Shouldn’t do it, but I want to try
Would eat the apple, and that’s what’s sad

Wishing that this would be real
To tell you would be a dream
To have you would be a fantasy
Yet, I’m stuck in this unfortunate reality

Looking at you across the way, this is where we are
I’m off my game just trying to save par
To tell you how i feel, not soon, but not far
Want to shake the nerves but until then, goodbye my star

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