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Light Switch

By iJ


I wish I could turn off my feelings for you

But, it’s not that easy for me to do

That’s just not how my heart is wired

I can’t give a little effort when way more is required


I can’t pretend like something never was

You can because you live for IG likes, compliments, and applause

I’m different, my heart beats off of time

And with one flip of a switch you took all of mine


I guess this is why men resent love

Fall for someone, but they look down on you from above

If our love was real as you said

Then why didn’t you think with your heart instead of your head


I always thought we could find our way back

But I’m starting to realize we’ll never get on track

You were never mine to begin with

Me thinking otherwise was just a myth


None of that means anything now

I’m left sitting in the dark thinking why and how

I tried to come up with an explanation, but none that count

You turned the switch off on our love, now it’s lights out

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