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The Fall

By Jamari Jordan


I’m not afraid of the actual fall

I’m just afraid of the rest of it all

Suddenly, you’re suspended in the air with nowhere to go

No hope remains, just the self-doubt we all seem to know


I don’t want to reach for the moon, it’s just too far

What happens when I don’t land next to the brightest star

What happens when I keep falling and hit rock bottom 

The moment I realize I’m not extraordinary, but just common


All this thinking goes into the process of the fall

It’s the combined effect of it all

The fear of being great is tough to handle

But the regret for not wanting to be great holds the candle


It’s hard to get the strength to get back up

Harder knowing I have to or I’ll never grow up

I’m expected to be greater beyond measure 

Will people still stand by me when I can’t tap into that treasure? 



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