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Miss America

By Jamari Jordan


Miss America can I get a second of your time?

No one quite admires your beauty and strength quite like I

You are quite remarkable in every way

But, why don’t you feel the same about me?


Why is my voice never heard?

My skin may be a little darker, but does that silence my vote

Does that give your shielded protectors to gun me down

Does that give you the right to undermine an entire culture?


I’m just walking to my house, why am I “suspicious?”

I was just coming from the gas station, is the gun necessary

I was just going to class did I have to be rolled up in gym mats

I didn’t put my turning signal on, is that why my blood is on the steering wheel?


Miss America please don’t walk away from me

I’m just trying o have an open conversation

I tried talking to your Uncle Sam

But he just raised my debt and interest rates


I just wanna know why can’t we be friends

Why are you so afraid of me

Is it my curly hair, dialect, and pride in my culture

Why do you want me to be a carbon copy of you


If you don’t like us, why are you taking my culture

Hate my dark skin, but tan yours

Hate my “ape” lips, but make yours bigger

Condemn our “devil” music, but your kids aren’t saints themselves


Miss America, I just want to know

Your grandfather owned us

Your father took our civil rights

Now, your brothers in blue shoot us down and claim victim status


Does their blue lives matter more than my black one

If All Lives Matter, when is it my turn

I’m okay in waiting

I just want to make sure I’m actually included in the conversation


Maybe until next time Miss America

I know you are very busy

I’ll be waiting to hear from you

Just reply soon, don’t know how much longer I’ll be alive.

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