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By Jamari Jordan


I believed in you more than I believed in myself

That belief turned into resentment

I began to lose myself

Blind to every cliche I become


Loving you was the sin I couldn’t repent

The mistake that couldn’t be forgotten

You pretended to be there for me

And I pretended that was okay


I did my best to change

Tried to become the man you wanted

The man you deserved

But I couldn’t live up to his image


I took you for the world to see

Stayed in for things that only my eyes should see

Refrained from temptation and its pleasantries

Refused the benefits of being a man


I tried to change myself for you

But you always remained the same

Me, adapting in the wild

You, the tool refusing to reap what it sows


I realized that I loved you

More than you could ever love me

One day you’ll realize the lesson I learned today

That just like you, love is a bitch, ain’t it?

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