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Mortal Man

April 5th, 2017


I remember you was conflicted

Misusing your influence,

And I wish I had that chance

But I never had wielded that much power.


Your light shined so bright

That it dimmed mine.

My rebellious soul,

Now your humble, peaceful servant.


Wishes for our future willowed in the wind

Desires dead on arrival

My back and ears dripped with blood

From the scratches your tongue lashings.


Amazing how a goddess

can turn any man to a mortal.

A shame how love

can’t see its own reflection.


Because I remember you was conflicted

Losing your influence

Unable to see your worth

Clouded by society’s pressures and my own.


You began abusing my love

Neglecting your pain,

Discrediting my character,

And cursing your own name.


The writing jumped off the page,

and landed on the wall

Unable to feel you,

my love unfulfilled.


Peace be still

as unmovable as my pride,

as quiet as your laugh

and as dormant as our happiness.


I lost my soul

Trying to save yours.

I used to think I was immortal,

Until you reminded me that I am not.


Now, I know why you were conflicted,

and couldn’t handle your influence.

you were the heavenly goddess

and I was just a man who was mortal.

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