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Illusions of Bliss

By Jamari Jordan


These false positives continue to persist,

or at the very least become a recurring theme.

The story of my life has yet to be written,

yet I feel like I know the ending.


Seasonal characters

trivial conflicts

an unfulfilling climax

with no resolution.


Fixated on the temporary

while ignoring the permanent.

Used by those who serve no purpose

and needing people who don’t want me.


I don’t know what I know

and I don’t know what I would do.

If I had no control

over what I pursue.


Tricking myself into being happy,

only worked for so long.

Wearing that disingenuous smile,

only matches so many outfits.


These Illusions of Bliss,

they cloud my judgement

invade my mind

and put spells on my desires.


Yet, I let them.

I crave them.

I covet them.

After all, bliss is bliss.

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