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First, welcome to my blog. Second, meet my future wife Beyonce. There’s nothing unhealthy about dreaming.

My name is Jamari Jordan and I’m from Stone Mountain, Ga. I am pursuing a degree in Mass Media Arts, and a certificate in Sports Media at the University of Georgia.

I hope to obtain a career after college at a network producing interactive sports media content. The way we view sports continues to change everyday. We no longer just watch a basketball game over a television screen.


Now, we watch the game, our Twitter timelines, live blogs, or the game via mobile applications. As a digital native, I can relate to an emerging generation that needs to be captivated 24/7 with new, vibrant, and exciting content and presentation.

I want to create programming and media that many people can relate to regardless of their point of view. The sports world has a habit of being a mirror of society. We turn to sports to get way from our troubles, but often, we find ourselves captivated by the struggles of the athletes and how similar they are to our own. That is one of the many ways we watch sports: it’s real, tangible, and relatable.

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