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Category: Personal


By Jamari Jordan   The victor returns home from his travels Yet, things just aren’t the same as it once was Activities which were once joyous, now just bore Memories which left one full, now have left a hungering for … Continue Reading Homecoming


By Jamari Jordan Memories begin to rush in my head Like the crystal clear waves on the soft, sandy shore The days of our past better than our present Please don’t make me go back to the future Before the … Continue Reading Nostalgia


By Jamari Jordan It comes in point in life when you forget everything you ever knew Then you meet the one, and they help discover a new you

Honey Nectar

By Jamari Jordan   Hypnotized doesn’t even begin to describe how you got me Bad, can’t even explain how you can be


By Jamari Jordan   Who wants permanent when temporary is just as good I won’t mess up what’s right, I mean who would

Painful Love

By Jamari Jordan I want that reckless, painful love I want that love that’s so painful that I’m not proud of I want that love that burns everything in its path I want that love that’s cruel and full of wrath … Continue Reading Painful Love


I always question why one cheats So immature and childish, the lies and deceits I find myself in a prison, … Continue Reading Karma