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About Me

My name is Jamari Jordan and I’m from Stone Mountain, Georgia. I am an alumnus of the University of Georgia with a degree in Mass Media Arts, and a passion for story-telling.

Things to Know About Me:

    1. R&B is the soundtrack to my life.

    2. There are 3 flavors to wings: Hot, Lemon Pepper, and BBQ. Anything else is foolish.

    3. Michael Scott is my spirit animal; Mr. Feeny is my alter-ego.

I have one goal in life: to tell stories. Writers and members of the media are the gatekeepers to society. We play a huge role in how our time will be remembered. Not just the stories we tell, but the way we tell them and the frames and lenses we use to look at them.

I want to tell stories that are important.

Stories that inspire.

Stories that make people laugh.

Stories that make people think.

Stories that will be remembered. 

Allow me to take you on a journey through my consciousness. I want you to see what I see. When I write, whether it be poetry or an opinion piece, look through my lens.

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