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Miss America

By Jamari Jordan   Miss America can I get a second of your time? No one quite admires your beauty and strength quite like I You are quite remarkable in every way But, why don’t you feel the same about … Continue Reading Miss America


By Jamari   Break from the permanent for 15 seconds of the temporary To get away is to fly and to come back is being shot down.   A place of solace from the gain The alternative method of fate … Continue Reading Daydreaming

Moment of Silence

By iJ   three words eight letters three equal syllables followed by a moment of silence.   Your heart beats erratically, Mine off its rhythm the same. A pen drop would mimic guns blazing. A sound more pleasant than the … Continue Reading Moment of Silence


By Jamari Jordan   Love is a journey and, i am stranded asking for directions i am on the side of the road with a flat while couples pass by in eternal bliss   i am not jealous but, i … Continue Reading odyssey

The Fall

By Jamari Jordan   I’m not afraid of the actual fall I’m just afraid of the rest of it all Suddenly, you’re suspended in the air with nowhere to go No hope remains, just the self-doubt we all seem to … Continue Reading The Fall

Light Switch

By iJ   I wish I could turn off my feelings for you But, it’s not that easy for me to do That’s just not how my heart is wired I can’t give a little effort when way more is … Continue Reading Light Switch